Trans Ash

Experience and ability to tackle any construction project

Trans-Ash was founded in 1970 as a division of a heavy construction company. That foundation provides us the experience and ability to tackle any construction project.

Our construction capabilities exceed those of a typical ash contractor:

  • FGD and ash landfill construction
  • Existing landfill expansion
  • Ash pond construction
  • Geosynthetic and clay liner installation
  • Dike construction for landfill cells and ash ponds
  • Parking lots and road construction
  • Rip Rap placement
  • Concrete pipe placement
  • Storm water management system design and installation
  • Dam construction
  • Railroads
  • Rock blasting
  • Slurry system piping
  • Silo and ash transport systems

When ash system and related construction activities are required, contact the company that understands how to build them and how they should perform.

Is Your CCR Management Program Ready for the Challenge?

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